Color Sanding & Buffing

Creating a show finish from your paint job.

Color Sanding & Buffing

  • Not only is this the way to "save" a finish that may have had to be repainted... but it's also a way to get the results that the pros like Foose, Alloway, Strange, Ring brothers, Charlie Hutton, and many many more custom builders use to put the final finish on their custom paint jobs. Kevin Tetz, America's auto body coach, guides you through the simples repair, all the way to creating a glasslike reflection in a modern paint system. This is the "other half" of the paint job, and Kevin shows you what to do after the paint is dry! Newly updated, brand new machine finishing techniques are demonstrated, and hundreds of time and money saving clues and tips are given throughout this and other Paintucation DVDs. Do it like the pro's do it! Get show quality results the first time!


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