"I was approached with the question....
What if you could do your own TV show with no commercials, and have it be about whatever you want, show what
YOU want to show, with it being easy to find and free to watch..?" I jumped at the chance to work with Digital Lug and Ian Johnson to produce new "Hands On Cars" episodes. Social media is on everyones phone and computer, so there's not need to find a network to host these shows, and the best part of all is that it's free to watch any time any day on any device, on Facebook and Youtube. I'm very excited about being on the edge of this new technology and bringing  my version of TV to the people that have followed me through all these years of Paintucation, Classic Rides, Trucks, and Truck Tech.  Thanks for watching!! "

Episode 1: New Jaguar XJS seems sluggish... 

New Episodes!

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 2: We yank the V12 Boat anchor and
formulate a plan to deliver the promise!! 

Episode 3: Clean er up!! The front end suspension gets refurbished 

Episode 4

Episode 4: This week Kevin tackles the daunting task of rebuilding the rear axle in project XJ-LS. This was not his plan, but it had to be done, if you ever wanted to know how to correctly setup your IRS 44 watch this!!!

Episode 6

Episode 6: Kevin Breaks down the LS engine to build it back up again, better, faster, stronger!!!

Episode 5

Episode 5: Kevin Goes to Pull A Part salvage yard to get his new ( old) Engine for XJLS

Episode 7

Episode 7: Kevin Installs the engine and transmission into XJLS and then takes a road trip to see new technology,

Episode 8

Episode 8: The dated and stodgyJaguar interior gets lifted up!!!

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